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Binatone X.350 instructions (TO FIX)
Written by Paul Coolwind   
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 10:33

Binatone X.350 instructions


Courtesy of  Martin Gregorie


This machine will boot from an SD card if it is present. If the SD card
is not slotted into the X.350, it boots into its usual road navigation
program. This means that LK8000 should be installed on the SD card using
an SD card reader attached to the PC.

Install the PNA version of LK8000 on the SD card by following the
standard instructions, then:

- rename LK8000-PNA.exe, which is in the LK8000 folder to 

- rename the XCSoarPNA-xxx folder to MobileNavigator

- Put the SD card in the X.350 and boot it:
- it goes 'bing-bong' and displays a disclaimer screen. Tap 'OK'.
- it displays a choice of 'Navigation' or 'Menu'. Tap 'Navigation'.
- XCSoar will start.

On exit from XCSoar the X.350 returns to the screen showing the choice
of 'Navigation' or 'Menu'. When this screen is showing you can power
down the X.350 without loss of data.

NOTE: If you boot the device while its is attached to a PC it will
periodically screech at you and display notices about attaching to a PC
Desktop. It will even do this while XCSoar is running and is very
annoying, so avoid booting it while its USB cable is attached to a PC.



Before LK8000 I was using...