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The LK supports general aviation, glider, paraglider and hang glider pilots, providing invaluable help for both cross country flights and competitions. You wouldn't believe it is also free of charge and OpenSource.

LK8000 is translated into 17 languages, and used in over 67 countries! Gliding schools and clubs are massively adopting LK and holding training courses for basic and advanced usage.

Version 7.4 is out!


Download our ANDROID version from

Google Play Store

Click here to see LK  running on Kobo


New HSI page in v5


v5 multimap 2 showing minimum, current and maximum MC for target





The innovative VisualGlide is automatically telling you what's ahead and how you will get there. No need to ask!


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v7.3.11 : New device support for RC Electronics Fenix

RC Electronics is a company based in Slovenia. Company started with development of altimeters / variometers for remote controlled gliders 15 years ago as has built a reputation of high quality and reliable product on the market. I recent years company start developing full size gliding onboard equipment. First vario-navigation product we developed is called Fenix.


Fenix is 80mm standard size instrument which offers a pilot all what he needs.

  • Top of the line variometer with speed command function
  • Integrated IGC approved logger
  • Integrated voice module
  • Interactive graphical user interface allowing pilot to get information when he needs it
  • Moving map with turn-point, airports and airspace
  • Thermal assistant
  • User configurable nav-boxes
  • Easy connect to 3rd party products (LK8000, Oudie, XCSoar, OpenVario, ….) via build in BT module
  • Flarm radar integrated
  • Build in backup battery
  • Support for remote stick
  • Double seater configuration possible.



For more info please visit: https://www.rc-electronics.eu/gliding/

For a purchase of any gliding product, you can use 10% discount code:


Android version available (beta)

Today february 8th 2017 we are releasing the first public beta version of LK8000.

It is beta 6.1c, and we believe it is ready to be tested by people. You can download it from the Google Play Store searching for lk8000.

The new version has also several enhancement from 6.0.

Although this is only a beta version, subject to changes and to fixes, we think it is already usable in flight. Welcome aboard Android!

Announcing LK running on Android

We are pleased to inform all users that we are alpha-testing  LK 6.0 running on Android.

Currently there are some issues to fix, and although the android version is already 100% stable and usable in flight we want to exit alpha stage before releasing to the public a beta version.

All resolutions are supported, screen rotation, internal sensors etc. as you would expect from LK.

Stand by for further announces, Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 to all of you.

The LK8000 Team

On Google Play Store: LK8000 Team.

Version 6.0b available

After two months since the delivery of the 6.0a version, we are releasing the first update version.

Here are the changes in 6.0b :

Kobo compatibility with Aura2 Wifi On-Off switch, OTG Kernel for Aura2 edition

Fix Vario Average 30s, compatible with 5Hz GPS data rate

Fix loading "waypoint 2" files

Other bug fixes


LK8000 running on Apple IOS

A new developer has joined the team of LK, and the porting on Apple devices is on the way rapidly!

See further announces on our facebook pages.

Version 6.0 announce

Starting February 6th we are going to distribute an official beta version of the 6.0 release. If you are interested to experiment it, please visit our support forum for details.

This is officially a beta version, but many hundreds pilots have been using it running on Kobo for several months already. We are confident that the official 6.0 will be delivered by the end of the month after a short and - hopefully - successful wide test.

LK 6.0 is running on Windows PC, PPC2002, PPC2003, PNA, LINUX, KOBO, RASPBERRY PI.

Stay tuned!

EU Cookie Law compliancy

The LK8000 website does not make any use of cookie for profiling people. There is no advertising on this website, nor banners.  The Joomla web software may be using cookies for page navigation within the website itself, and they can be classified as "essentials" (otherwise the software cannot work). To our knowledge there is in fact only one cookie created by LK8000 web, for administators only (not for normal users) and it expires at the end of the session.

We are based in Italy, so here is the italian version of the statement above:

Questo sito web non utilizza i cookies per profilare le persone. Non c'è pubblicità, non ci sono banners di alcun tipo. Il software di gestione del sito - Joomla - potrebbe utilizzare i cookies per la navigazione all'interno delle pagine, ma in questo caso si tratterebbe di "essenziali", altrimenti il software non potrebbe funzionare. Da nostre verifiche, risulta che l'unico cookie installato riguarda gli amministratori (non gli utenti finali) e scade al termine della sessione di amministrazione.

LINUX and KOBO version out of alpha tests.

The development of the Linux and Kobo versions of LK have overcome any expectations, and we can announce the end of alpha tests. The new LK is also progressed a lot with some nice enhancements that have been added since official 5.0 concerning user interface.

We should soon plan the start of beta tests and delivery of 5.3 version for PC, PNA, LINUX and KOBO.


LK8000.ORG domain is finally back home

Our LK8000.ORG domain has been hijacked for more than five years, and the story was neverending. Finally an english gentleman, Pete MacLaughlin stepped in and generously tranferred the ownership back to us, donating not only the domain but also paying for the releative expenses!

Pete is a skydiver and paraglider pilot, among some of the most experienced and professional Tandem Skydiving Instructors in the UK. If you want to try a tandem skydiving over Wiltshire from up to 15,000 feet contact him on www.petemac.co.uk .

Thanks so much, Pete!

Announcing LK8000 Nimbus development system

We are happy to announce that the development system for LK8000 is available for download!

We have prepared a complete virtual machine for VMWARE player (free download) running Debian 7 Linux with all necessary packages preinstalled, instructions, menus, github ready to download updated version, testing environment. Everything needed to compile LK8000 for all platforms: PC, PNA, PPC, LINUX and ARM LINUX - KOBO.

Start the virtual machine, and you get inside Nimbus. You can compile LK8000 in less than 10 minutes from the machine startup! No more troubles looking for required packages, no more headaches trying to figure out why the compiler is giving all those nasty errors: everything will run smoothly and you can dedicate your time to immediately contribute to the project.





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