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HP310/314 install LK8000 (TO FIX)
Written by Paul Coolwind   
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 10:29

In short:


1.     Format a new fast memory card

2.     Copy the content of the ZIP file on the main directory

3.     Put the memory card in the HP31x

4.     Reset the HP31x

5.     From the Windows CE desktop enter SDMMC folder

6.     Execute XCSoarSimulator-PNA.exe






The HP 31X family of PNA (Personal Navigator  Assistants) is made of  model 310 (american) and 314 (european).  Possibly also the 312 and 316 models have the same identical hardware.

This document explains how to install on these devices the XCSoar software for gliding navigation.


These GPS navigators are originally made for car usage, but under their skin they hold a standard Windows CE operating system. Normally you wouldn't get to the desktop of the operating system, because HP has made an autostart procedure for their software.

However, this devices have an empty slot for SD/SDHC cards that can hold as well an autostart program which has priority over the default memory.


The best source of informations for customising your HP is the huge thread at gpspassion.com, and the link is http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=101001


So you need an SD card, or an SDHC card, in order to proceed. In these days, 1G SD card is almost the minimum you can find for a few money. You don't really need more, since the software does not take much space. 10 Megabytes in fact would be enough for a basic configuration!


It is a good idea to get a fast SD card, like Sandisk Ultra series, or those made for cameras. Do not get a cheap standard SD since its slow read/write speed would make you notice bad performance issues. We have a 4G "A DATA" SDHC which is also holding other software, music and video for car usage.


Before explaining how to install the software, there are a few points that might be useful to spot. Please do not jump to the installation without reading further, or you might miss important issues.


HP software / firmware update


HP is providing a software update for free. This update covers maps and the user interface. The update procedure is pretty long, since you need to download 1.8 Giga (!) first, and the upload into the 310 takes a lot of time too.

You don't need to update, in order to use XCSoar. We will not use the internal navigator software at all during flights!



Power supply


The internal battery will run for about two hours, maybe less if brightness is set to max, so you need to set up an external power supply. The original car charger is not the same as other (even HP's) 12V adaptors although it looks like. According to other users "The 310 uses enhanced USB signaling, and does only charge reliably off the included cig lighter adapter. Other adapters will only trickle charge, or actually drain the battery."

The power supply is special, and this is true both for the wall plug unit and for the cig lighter adapter. The cable is not special, you can use any USB cable with no problems.


The HP takes around 270mAh if the internal battery is fully charged, 400mAh otherwise (until the internal battery is recharged completely).


Internal GPS receiver


The internal GPS receiver is made for land usage, not for flight. At the time being we have no evidence that the height it reports is correct at any time, and this could be different from place to place. Keep it in mind, and check the baro-altimeter in your glider!

The GPS receiver serial stream appears on port COM 7 which can be configured at 19200bps, Device.


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