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Medion S3747 - Royaltek BV-3200
Written by Paul Coolwind   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 19:10

Medion S3747 is the same as Royaltek BV 3200.

LK can drive the internal barometric pressure sensor and let it be available to as a vario-altimeter.

Thanks to Martin Gregorie:

The Medion S3747 is a PNA that runs Windows CE 5. It has a trans-reflective 3.5" screen, pressure sensor, fluxgate compass and a large, removable battery. There is a micro-SD slot under the battery.  If it is connected to a PC with the supplied USB cable, both its internal flash memory and the micro-SD card can be accessed as separate mass storage devices.

Installing LK8000

  1. Unzip LK8000 onto a micro-SD card and install that in the Medion s3747. To do this you take the back off and remove the battery. The micro SD slot is at the back of the battery compartment at the back of the long side wall nearest the battery contacts. Push the micro-SD card into its slot. A second push makes it pop out, so make sure its properly locked in. Then put the battery into its holder and screw the case back on.
  2. Connect the Medion to a computer via USB and start it. When the 'comms' symbols come up, tap the blue button on the left.
  3. You now have the Medion's internal flash memory connected as a mass storage device.
  4. Copy cecmd2.exe from LK8000/_System/_CEUtilities to the root of the Medion's flash memory.
  5. Rename MENU.exe (the Medion original start menu) to another name, say MENU-original.exe, in case you need it again and rename cecmd2.exe to MENU.exe. Running MENU-original.exe shows the screen the Medion uses to select the original Medion navigation programs.
  6. Shut down the Medion, unplug and restart it. You should now see the Total Commander screen. This looks rather like Windows Explorer and works similarly. Total Commander is an shareware Explorer work-alike for Windows CE.

Restoring factory behaviour

  1. Start the Medion and use Total Commander to delete or rename MENU.exe
  2. Rename MENU-original.exe to MENU.exe
  3. Restart the Medion. The original factory behavior should reappear.

Running LK8000

Turn the Medion on. It will chime and bring up Total Commander. Tap on 'Storage Card' and then on 'LK8000' and finally double tap 'LK8000-PNA.exe' to start LK8000.

When you exit from LK8000, you'll be back in Total Commander and LK8000-PNA.exe will still be highlighed. Double tapping LK8000-PNA.exe restarts LK8000. If you've finished using it, just turn the Medion off.

You can download logs or update LK8000 and its data files by connecting the Medion to a computer via USB and starting it. When it chimes and the 'comms' symbols come up, tap the blue button on the left. Now use your PC's file management software (Windows Explorer, Linux's Nautilus, Thunar, etc.) to move files between it and the Medion, which will probably appear as two flash drives, S3X7Device (3.8GB) and your microSD drive. When you're finished, disconnect the Medion from the PC, which will turn it off.

LK8000 configuration

The settings specific to the Medion S3747 are all accessed by selecting the Configuration 2/3|Device configuration page:

  • Set Device A to Name=Generic, Port=COM1, Baudrate=4800,8bit
  • Set Geoid altitude to 'ON'
  • Set Serial mode to 'Normal'
  • Set NMEA Checksum to 'Enabled'
  • Set Device/model to 'Medion S3747/Royaltek BV-3200'
Before LK8000 I was using...