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Updated LKMAPS
Monday, 20 December 2010 00:00

April 2012, new maps for Canary island, Brasil, Canada, Malaysia, Russia

February 2012 new maps for Australia, Brasil, Cambogia, Ireland, Canada, Italy, France, Taiwan and Russia.

December 2011 new maps for Ukr, Russia, Italy, Australia

November 2011 new maps for Canary islands in Africa, Colombia condor soaring, India, Nepal

October 2011 new maps for Brasil, California, Canada

September 2011 added new maps for Iran, Macedonia, Russia, Marocco, Paraguay, Brasil, Australia

August 2011 added BRA maps, RU Kamchatka, ESP Piedrahita, Argentina, California and IRAN maps

On 9-06-2011 added US NEVADA, and new maps for BRAsil

On 27-5-2011 added Africa MPUMALANGA, Brasilian MG and PIMENTA, Canada BC, Romania APUSENI and Russia VORONEZH

On 17-5-2011 new maps for Norway, terrain available now. Japan and Argentina.

On 16-5-2011 new maps for China, Turkey, Romania and US CA Avenal

On 5-5-2011 New maps for Australia NEVIC, France VOSGES, Russia NOVGOROD, US KANSAS CITY, US UTAH PAROWAN

On 29-4-2011 New maps for CZ, GER+F+CH, and all of US SECTIONAL charts

On 26-4-2011 New maps for HUNGARY,full topology, and Russia Saratov

On 20-4-2011 New maps for NE Germany + Polland

On 16-4-2011 New maps for Espana Ager, Iberia Central, Portugal Madeira, Russia and Ukraine

On 5-4-2011 New maps for Thailand, Utah, Alabama-Georgia in US Southeast

On 31-3-2011 New maps for Russia, France alps high resolution, and R5 US Perry Area

On 9-3-2011 New maps for Brasil Governador Valadares and entire Denmark

On 8-3-2011 New maps for Russia-Samara and Latvia-Lithuania

On 4-3-2011 New maps for Germany KLIX international gliding cup, Russia: KAVKAZ and MOSCOW, Turkey: Denizli & Oludeniz Russian Cup 2011

On 27-2-2011 New topology for GERMANY (new LKM for all maps!) with extended water areas. New map for DENMARK.

On 23-2-2011 New maps for ITA Novi Ligure

On 20-2-2011 New maps for ALPS with large 500m DEM area France and Italy

On 16-2-2011 New maps for Costa Rica  and Azores-Sao Miguel

On 13-2-2011 New maps for Mexico and California. Updated all of UK maps for more water details.

On 12-2-2011 New maps for Venezuela, and fixed maps for NL and POLLAND missing water areas

On 7-2-2011 New maps for the UK West, and Africa KwaZuluNatal

On 3-2-2011 New maps for US Alabama SOUTHEAST

On 1-2-2011  New maps for Austria

On 30-1-2011 Regenerated all maps for Spain with better topology water areas.

On 18-1-2011 Added France Ouest

On 15-1-2011 Added maps for Ukraine.

On 7-1-2011 updated maps for Sweden with more water details

On 6-1-2011 Added maps for Germany (Franconia and Bayreuth Contest), Brasil Sau Paulo area

On 23-12-2010 Added maps for Croatia  and Vietnam

On 19-12-2010 Added new maps for Brazil

On 15-12-2010 Added maps for Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania,  AUS TAsmania.

On 7-12-2010 Added maps for Serbia (with Montenegro, Central East Bosnia, East Croatia), US Alabama Georgia NW and many maps for Condor Scenarios. All condor maps are under EUR directory, for all world zones (until we fix it).

On 26-11-2010 Added maps for Bulgaria, US Mid-Atlantic regions, and the entire Iberia

On 23-11-2010 Added maps for NAMIBIA central, Germany: NRW, NRW+200km, Wiehn Ith Teuto, France Alps de Haut Provence

On 20-11-2010 Added maps for Adirondacks New York State US

On 19-11-2010 Added maps for Slovenia hi res centered on Celje

On  9-11-2010 Added maps for South Africa Gariap Dam,  US AZ Tucson hires

On  1-11-2010 Added maps for South Africa Porterville, hi resolution

On 31-10-2010  LKMAPS were updated, adding

  • new maps for Israel
  • Germany black forest


Did you notice any missing water area (such as lakes) in your maps?

Please inform us, since your map may need a refresh!

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