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The LK supports glider, paraglider and hang glider pilots, providing invaluable help for both cross country flights and competitions. You wouldn't believe it is also free of charge and OpenSource.

LK8000 is translated into 17 languages, and used in over 64 countries! Gliding schools and clubs are massively adopting LK and holding training courses for basic and advanced usage.

Version 5.0 is available.

Work on LINUX and KOBO in progress! See news.

For Windows CE an updated version is expected soon.

Nimbus Development System released on Jan 23 2015!

full support of new inexpensive mini bluetooth keyboards, perfectly usable also with gloves.

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New HSI page in v5


v5 multimap 2 showing minimum, current and maximum MC for target




The innovative VisualGlide is automatically telling you what's ahead and how you will get there. No need to ask!


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Announcing LK8000 Nimbus development system

We are happy to announce that the development system for LK8000 is available for download!

We have prepared a complete virtual machine for VMWARE player (free download) running Debian 7 Linux with all necessary packages preinstalled, instructions, menus, github ready to download updated version, testing environment. Everything needed to compile LK8000 for all platforms: PC, PNA, PPC, LINUX and ARM LINUX - KOBO.

Start the virtual machine, and you get inside Nimbus. You can compile LK8000 in less than 10 minutes from the machine startup! No more troubles looking for required packages, no more headaches trying to figure out why the compiler is giving all those nasty errors: everything will run smoothly and you can dedicate your time to immediately contribute to the project.



LK8000 running on LINUX and KOBO

We are happy to announce that the porting to Linux and Kobo has progressed a lot thanks to the big work of Bruno, and we are now able to compile and run LK8000 on native linux platform and Kobo (which is linux as well, in case you did not know).

We cannot anticipate when the alpha and beta versions will be available, but all major steps towards linux have been completed already. We had been working to remove any microsoft dependencies since LK version 3, for this to happen.

Thanks Bruno!

Version 5.0 released today!

Today May 30th 2014 we have released version 5 of LK8000.

We spent some more months to check and fix major and minor issues, and we waited until we were sure no critical problems may happen during the flight. We wish to thank all beta testers that in the past months have carefully examined in flight the software, and reported their precious suggestions.

LK is a team work, carried on by volunteers from different countries. For V5 our gratefulness goes in particular to Bruno, Ulrich and Alberto. Not forgetting the rest of the team who always gave support and help as well: Mateusz, Eric, Jozef, Sergio, plus all of the translators.

It has been a long rush so far, and we wish you safe and pleasant flights with LK8000.

May 30th, 2014

Paolo & the Development Team people

Version 5.0 delayed, and problems with V2-GG pnas

The new LK v5 was expected by the end of februart but it has been delayed to allow further improvements for solidness, and more beta tests in real flights.

Crash reports with faulty SD cards!

We are quite sure that some pilots have experienced some crashes during their flight and these crashes are due to faulty microSD cards.



If you are looking for a flight computer hardware to run LK8000, here comes a good product from Naviter.

It includes a lot of accessories, offering a real RS232 plus another RS232 through BlueTooth, and a well known bright readable display under the sun.



Read more about it in the Hardware PNA section , click HERE

LK8000 remote control with mini bluetooth keyboard

LK8000 v5 is supporting these new cheap mini bluetooth keyboards available on many online marketplaces for a few dollars. These devices were thought to be used with smartphones and tablets, and with their small size of lless than 12x6 cm could not apparently be any good in flight, their keys being so small. BUT we found a smart solution for this problem!



Due to a bug, the old version does not work correctly in 2014!! We apologize for the inconvenience.

Announcing LK v5.0

The new version of LK8000, v5.0, is almost ready. It is expected by the end of january.

After this version, LK will be brought to Linux platform during 2014.

The 5.0 has several important enhancements in the user interface, and new features.

More details will be given as soon as we close the development.

lk8000.org domain hijacked by Peter Lengkeek.

A dutch pilot, Peter Lengkeek, based in Arnhem , Netherlands, is currently broadcasting an LK8000.ORG website ignoring our requests to give the domain back to legitimate owners (us). This story goes on since more than two years ago.

Should Peter Lengkeek try to sell this domain trying to make profit out of it, we shall prosecute new owners.

We wouldn't be surprised if he did it, because he lied to use more than once promising to release the domain to the legitimate owners (us) once the registration subscription fee was exhausted.

We have no relationship with LK8000.org , which we consider hijacked.

All of this is a real shame, considering that this is a non-profit project.

Shame on Peter Lengkeek.



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