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A Brand New Website!
Thursday, 28 October 2010 16:05

After over 16 months of hard work on the source code of LK8000, on the new LKMAPS, on the manuals and general documentation, and thousands of hours spent by beta testers checking that everyhing was working as expected in the now public LK8000 1.22, we felt it was the time to have a real website.


When you have a great product, you also need good packaging. For over one year we kept up with a single page made in Word, and nevertheless many people did appreciate the fact that instead of spending time on frills, we were actually working on the product itself and not on the package.


We chose a content management system, Joomla, as the main engine for this website.

For the maps, I decided it was also time to create a better interface than a list of files. It's still a draft, but much better than before and did not take too much time to do it, which is always a good thing.


You will see many sections, with only a few articles. We can add articles, meaning that also you can add articles. Please apply to be part of the web content managers by sending us an email. You shall get a login and password to be able to create new articles, online, with a nice web editor which requires no manuals to be used. It's just like using MS Word in fact, but much easier than that!

Finally, forgive the approximated translation system of this website. Of course, we haven't translated all of these pages into "traditional chinese" or even in finnish. Not even in my mother language which is Italian!  Everything is translated automatically by Google (thanks guys!). Some languages are better translated than others, fortunately.

Welcome aboard!

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