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v7.3.11 : New device support for RC Electronics Fenix
Monday, 28 February 2022 10:14

RC Electronics is a company based in Slovenia. Company started with development of altimeters / variometers for remote controlled gliders 15 years ago as has built a reputation of high quality and reliable product on the market. I recent years company start developing full size gliding onboard equipment. First vario-navigation product we developed is called Fenix.


Fenix is 80mm standard size instrument which offers a pilot all what he needs.

  • Top of the line variometer with speed command function
  • Integrated IGC approved logger
  • Integrated voice module
  • Interactive graphical user interface allowing pilot to get information when he needs it
  • Moving map with turn-point, airports and airspace
  • Thermal assistant
  • User configurable nav-boxes
  • Easy connect to 3rd party products (LK8000, Oudie, XCSoar, OpenVario, ….) via build in BT module
  • Flarm radar integrated
  • Build in backup battery
  • Support for remote stick
  • Double seater configuration possible.



For more info please visit: https://www.rc-electronics.eu/gliding/

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