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Version 5.0 delayed, and problems with V2-GG pnas
Friday, 04 April 2014 19:04

Unfortunately, it is quite hard to test software without having real hardware connected to it, and we felt it was better to wait until all flight reports were positive. We could therefore fix many important and less important details, to make the next 5.0 even more solid and accurate, and add a few missing features (among them, the 12 hours snail trail, previously limited to 1.h hours).

We might be able to confirm delivery by middle of april after next weekend.

As many people already know, since july 2013 all PNAs branded as V2, GG or similars, have been suffering of critical problems with their GPS units. The problem is a firmware problem, or an hardware problem with firmware not handling it properly, resulting in the COM port in use by LK to disappear abruptly.

We have solved the problem in the next 5.0 version, and the 4.1 beta versions already have it fixed as well of course.

If you use v4.0 with these PNAs you can expect the nasty NO DATA RX issue to pop up, and you need to reset the device. There is nothing you can do to solve this, and the hardware distributors know the problem since the beginning- nobody could replicate it at will, unfortunately.

If you install a 4.1 beta, which you can find on the support forum, becoming a beta tester until 5.0 is out officially, remember to do the following:

on startup, choose PROFILE, then DEVICE, then V2_INTERNAL .

In details, the V2_INTERNAL setup is choosing as device Name: Internal  (the com port selection disappears because Internal is managing the gps without using the COM port). Also, Serial mode is set to Polling, and not to Normal.

We recommend to let NMEA checksum alwas enabled.



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