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UPDATED VERSION 4.0b RELEASED: list of fixes
Tuesday, 21 May 2013 22:48



SUPPORT FOR PNADUMP SOFTWARE: automatic loading of PILOT NAME, ID etc. from file


Paraglider's Time gates: last gate is always lasting up to 3 hours. In practice, it never closes.

Faster (4x) response on autoMC changes, for better understanding on how the final glide is going.

Let manual MC settings go over 5.0 (metric value), up to 12.

Screen flickering on PC greatly reduced when using pan scroll mode.


Allow high MC values to be displayed near to VNE limits.
Previously only MC below 9.9 (using metrics, higher for imperials) were shown, otherwise ---.
This was leading to misunderstandings, because --- is also used for "not calculated".

Fix glide line in sideviews when in SIM not flying. Fix partially also when flying.

Fix final glide AUTO-MC  for paragliders, not working (always indicating 0.0).
Problem related to the very steep polar of a paragliding wing.
The new version can command up to MC=20 and will stop just before the arrival altitude goes negative.
This means that we are no more searching for the "0 arrival altitude" for such polars.

Fix unresponsive zoom and swipes on multimap 1-3

Fix timefix problem with logger, seconds logged being 60 rejected by GPSdump

Fix old bug crashing LK while loading CUP file with huge comment fields.

Fix CAI302 bug in wind indication, offset by 180 degrees.

Fix Labels not correctly painted in Flarm Radar

Fix Baro altitude frozen.
This was happening when the same port was shared with different devices using a mechanical switch, or a mixer.
We now check that the baro altitude is changing if the gps altitude is changing too.
After 1 minute of possible problem, if we are using baro altitude for navigation, we alert the pilot, and we disable the baro altitude usage.
If the baro altitude is back available, the pilot must then re-enable its usage with the button.
After 3 times of this problem appearing, we only disable EnableBaroAltitude and we dont reset the baroaltitude anymore, assuming there is a flip/flop condition and a faulty hardware line. Checks after 3 times are delayed to 3 minutes.

Fix thermal exit detection for paragliders.
Also improve detection of thermal entering, filtering a bit more false initial turning.

Fix Possible critical problem drawing multimap airspaces

Fix bug loading CUP waypoints, incorrect removing trailing quotes.
Bug found by Berthold Bredenbeck after..4 years it was there.
If the waypoint was
all was correct, name=fullname
if the line is
fullname,codename,..   without quotes "", then name=fullnam  without trailing letter "e".

Fix critical bug in EYE device driver

Fix baro analysis not showing entire flight anymore

Fix analysis page not displaying correcting 3TPs distance

Fix safety altitude overlay indicator not appearing when using multimaps.


Trail is drawn OVER airfields, no more under them.

Nearest Waypoint search did not work if we had only markers, and no waypoint files

TRI page not resetted correctly after change of screen resolution.

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