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Version 3.0D released on July 29th, 2012
Friday, 18 May 2012 15:42


After 5 months since we delivered version 3.0a, here comes the fourth mantainance release.

We are fixing glitches, and some possible critical problem.


These are the changes and fixes in the 3.0D

. Fix problem in replay logger while dealing with position fixes in the IGC file having the same timestamp.
It was causing an assertion failure.

. The strange dashed line in AAT task appearing in wrong place has been removed.

. Bug fix in task start/finish lines
There was a problem with big start and finish lines, which could potentially lead to false start/finish
if the pilot was trying to cross the line at the very far away border.

. Fix airspace critical loading bug on startup, crashing LK if a spurious line longer than
254 characters was found

. Fix bug not handling a bad polar file been loaded.
The polar was incorrectly loaded only from the first non-commented line, and if this was invalid
it was nevertheless kept as valid.
Result was a 0,0,0,0,0 polar of course.
We now manage incorrect lines, and we enforce check for valid polar been loaded.
In case of problems, the situation is reverted to Std Cirrus and a message is given to the user.
Previously, no message was given in case of bad polar loaded.

. Fix bug showing airspace warnings also while using configuration menu.
Allow airspace warnings even below 60seconds after takeoff if using SIM mode.
In sim mode we might be using pan mode to check for situations quickly,
and the missing warning was misleading.

. Fix small bug terrain shading option: changing terrain with shading off would not allow us
to enable shading again.

. Extend Acknowledge time for airspaces from 120 seconds to 720 seconds (12 hours).

. Fix airspace selection in pan mode no more working since september 13 2011.

. Fix Nearest turnpoint page 2.3 not checking correctly terrain reachable, appearing almost always
negative (red)

. Fix old bug not calculating terrain reachable (and displaying orange arrival altitude on overlay)
when a turnpoint not landable was assigned as alternate destination.

. Fix old bug in 3.0 wrong upper zone for nearest page: the zone for pulling up cursor selection of
nearest pages was too tight.

. Fix old bug in 3.0 overcalculating reachability for landables. Even landables with negative arrival
altitudes were checked for terrain obstacles, resulting in a abnormal number of calculations
(hidden by multicalc optimization).
LK performance is greatly improved now, when using a lot of landable waypoints (many thousands).

. Fix infobox values for task (arrival, ETE, eta, etc) should display --- when task was not started yet.

. Fix bug resetting FlarmNet counter on startup

. Fix LK8ext1 device to prevent the slowdown of the application if more than one NMEA frame / second
was sent. This is particularly affecting GT VArio.

. Fix bug that caused trail points to disappear in circling zoom with trail drift on.

If you are updating from version 3.0a or 3.0b, here are the changes fixed in 3.0c released in may.

Fix eIAS not adopted when IAS disappeared.

Improve direction sorting for Nearest pages 2.x
Now sorting is done by both direction and distance.

Ask confirmation for free flight manual restart through custom key

Fix invalid date received by Condor simulator, not updating gps calculations and not detecting takeoff.
For Condor not sending valid date, we use 1.1.2012.
If a Gps is sending an invalid date, we will set 30.2.2012 , impossible date.

Fix nmea parser sequencing of RMC and GGA .

Fix critical bug (since v2.0) in Wind setup dialog.
Selecting wind direction with no choice for two times, would crash the software at second attempt.

Fix bug waypoint goto / details / set alternate pages were leaving menu active.
Calling menu icon would pop up menu, and create a possible crash condition.

Waypoint quick selection is now full screen.

Fix logger: if no baro pressure available, log 0 for pressure altitude instead of GPS altitude.

Portrait mode task calculator window resized

Fix bug in 3.0 not disabling menu and wndproc actions when in MODE_TARGET_PAN

Fix old bug resetting flight statistics at 00UTC on some GPS devices like HP31x.

Bugfix TFC memory usage, causing crash with large mapsets

Fix Analysis olcmode should not use task scale, and print at max zoom the current trace.


Polish translation of logbook changed

MapScale status overlay for ALT1 STA3 etc.. bolder in white, for black overlays only.

Fix accuracy of freeflight start altitude, depending on ground altitude.
Do not update ground altitude when the plane is moving.

Fix bug in Ka-8 polar file

Fix bug calculating HeadWind when using real TAS

Fix minor bug in Info Status page, reported altitude was not considering Baro, if it is available and in use.

More warnings on free flight manual start action

Fix bug resetting wrong home waypoint on terrain change.

Fix infoboxes and nearest asp if no nearest asp

Fix : Enter WayPoints Problem

Russian translation typos.

Missing stripe on Final Glide Bar fixed

Stripe was removed by the commit c09f03f91c941f949cb9cf6cd7521dd75f602741
"Fix final glide bar mode flashing orange and red."

FAI finish height fixed for tasks shorter than 100km.

Fix minor bug not changing AutoMC overlay black box into white when using only dark topology background with no terrain.

Fix minor problem resetting flightstats when replaying an IGC file crossing 00:00 UTC.
This is only a workaround, because replay logger is really setting a basic time which is not considering date change.

Fix smoothing problem in PAN mode while panning horizontal or vertical only
adapted for 3.0a only

Bigger bearing line for low resolution devices

Fix bug not showing Efficiency configuration is Config menu 6 on Portrait resolutions

Fix bug not shutting down LK correctly if a dialog window is open.
This could be possible only on PC version, where you can click on the X corner to quit a program.

Fix asp AGLLookup() not returning altitude in some cases

Clear airspace infoboxes if no selected or nearest airspace

Fix HELP 402 custom right key IS available also for PGs.

Update ITA translation
Polish translation fixed

Fix FreeFlight start not resetting OLC calculation, and FF restart not resetting mix max height gained.

Fix small bug keeping circling mode or setting circling mode too often while driving in a car using non-car mode.
Really annoying, indeed.

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