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Updated 2.2B version
Thursday, 05 May 2011 14:05

After three weeks since delivery of version 2.2, we have fixed some minor and non critical issues.

Version 2.2b is a minor release to fix non critical problems that appeared in 2.2a.

If you are not experiencing startup problems, or language problems, you don't need to update the software.

Here is the list of things that have been fixed in the old 2.2a:

  • White Screen lock on startup, on some devices, using two external gps feed and no valid fix.
  • CLUB safe profiles were bypassed and thus not safely protected
  • IGC log replay had the vario missing decimal units
  • Serbian and German language minor fixes


We are progressing on the next beta version 2.3 which is almost ready for betatesters. New airspaces, new configurable User Interface, etc. However, as usual, we strongly suggest all users to adopt only the latest official version.

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