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Finally RS232 to USB converter for PNA!
Sunday, 07 November 2010 20:41

GliderTools is now selling a very important "optional" for your PNA: the USB to RS232 converter!

This little box will provide power supply to your PNA, and at the same time it will feed an NMEA stream coming from an external RS232 such like a Garmin, a Digifly, a DSX, a Flarm, a Colibrì, a Zander etc.

The LK is designed to make full use of a dual NMEA input, with full redundance!  You will get baro altitude, IAS, Traffic informations, Vario, Netto, anything coming from the external instrument.

We shall review it very soon with detailed pictures.

Price is very good, at 48 euros!


Well done, Vladimir!

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