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1   Link   Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange
Unofficial Coordinates of Soaring Turnpoints or "World Wide Waypoints"
2   Link   Restricted Airspaces
Download the Airspace file and rename the extension to TXT. Example: USA.fas > USA.txt
3   Link   Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange – Airspace
Airspace Files
4   Link   Flarmnet
FlarmNet is a database, in which people can enter their Flarm™-ID and additional information, like their name, aircraft type and registration. With FlarmNet compatible devices you can see all the submitted information in the air, that means you can see who is flying other aircraft, on which radio frequency he usually is and even more.
5   Link   Martin Gregorie's UK website
Martin's web site has some nice pages for LK8000 and XCsoar, with airspaces, waypoints and anything about flying in the Uk.
Before LK8000 I was using...