IMI-Gliding (http://www.imi-gliding.com/en) provides a wide set of products for gliding.

They kindly provided us ERIXX (http://www.imi-gliding.com/en/erixx-flight-recorder.html) IGC certified logger. Thanks to that we will be able to add full support for it in LK8000 really soon. We will also use the device to test the compatibility of all future releases so pilots using ERIXX and LK8000 will have the best integration possible all the time.



First impression is that ERIXX:
- is really small and lightweight
- it has USB connectivity built-in so it is easy to connect it to the PC or laptop
- it is able to power up PDA/PNA device through communication cable so there is no need for additional cable work and voltage converters
- it supports observation zones for task turnpoints (pilot is notified with a sound that he entered an OZ)
- IMI-Connect seems to be a really good piece of software
- communication protocol with the device is really fast (task declaration takes only 1-2 seconds)

Before LK8000 I was using...