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Written by Paul Coolwind   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 01:17


This procedure set correctly the backlight timeout on Ipaq 310/314.

From Windows CE desktop, Start -> Settings -> Control Panel:

  • Open "Backlight Control" and set High backlight (max)
  • You don't need to change timeouts in the two upper boxes,
  • because those values are controlled by "Display Properties".
  • Exit "Backlight Control".

  • Open "Power Properties".
  • Powerscheme: AC Power
  • set to "Never" all controls.
  • Exit "Power Properties".

  • Open "Display Properties"
  • Select "Backlight" tag
  • Select "Automatically turn off backlight while on external power", and
  • set it to 30 minutes, then exit with Ok.

  • Open again "Display Properties"
  • Select "Backlight" tag
  • DESELECT "Automatically turn off backlight while on external power".
  • Exit with Ok.

  • Open "Backlight control" again, you will see that "AC power and device is idle for"
  • box is now EMPTY, correctly. Don't do anything . Press Ok.

There will be no more timeout in Backlight now.

Please note that LK8000 has automatic backlight management, sound management and icon support on desktop for the HP310 family.

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