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LK is FAI WXC approved!
Thursday, 03 March 2011 00:28


Since today, march 2nd 2011, LK8000 is officially FAI WXC approved as a logger!

All pilots should say thank to Andreas Rieck, volunteering and managing the FAI WXC, for his contribution and more than kind attention towards LK8000, to make it immediately APPROVED as a logger.

From his own words:

Approval means now, IGC file is within spec and when a national paragliding contest allow opensource, then we simply trust what we get from connected server and are able to sync these files for scoring as well.
Again please note, CIVL dont have a interface for flight uploads and accept only flights from attending contest servers (national contests).
This keeps and safes the good and hard work from national developers for their contests,
and allow to attend a international scoring.

CIVL Plenary meeting (attending nations) last weekend approved WXC contest now as official. WXC is not longer just a trial. :-)

Thanks Andreas!

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