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Route Optimization for PG/HG

By turning route optimization ON, LK8000 will calculate the optimal entry point of task cylinders.


There are three ways to access the Optimization settings:


  1. System setup 23 Para/Hang Gliders specials - Will save the setting to the profile
  2. Nav 3/3 -> Time Gates button - To turn optimization ON/OFF during flight
  3. Custom key (configurable) -  To turn optimization ON/OFF during flight


To disable the optimization, turn Optimzed route OFF, and refer to the next chapter (Assigned Area Tasks (AAT) for PG/HG) for details.





The optimized point is marked with the "center of gravity" symbol: () and its name is differentiated from other names by an exclamation mark followed by the turnpoint name, e.g. !Bisbino or !BISB in the screenshot below:





Arrival altitudes and similar calculations use the terrain elevation at the optimized point. In the example above the center of the cylinder, located on a mountain top is not within reach, but the optimized point is still accessible over the lake. The arrival altitude of +806 m is relative to this point over the lake. If the turnpoint is outside the terrain map, or no terrain file is configured, the turnpoint elevation will be used for arrival altitudes etc.





To enable AAT type tasks for PG/HG, opt of routes must first be turned OFF. To create an AAT task, enter Nav 2/3 -> Task Edit, add the first TP, and select AAT = ON, see below:



To change the planned distance inside the assigned area sectors or cylinders, enter the Task Calculator. The calculator is available from Task Overview ("Calc" button), and Nav 1/3 -> Task Calc. Use the "Set range" value to change the task distance.

Please note: If you do not want route optimization, or want to be guided towards the center of the cylinder, use a "Set range" value of 0%.














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