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As you already know, while you are circling LK is calculating the estimated thermal center.

The new Orbiter will try to lead the pilot flying AROUND this center, without crossing it.


Menu 5 "Glide Computer" has an option called "Thermal Orbiter" ON/OFF. It is disabled by default.
It can also be enabled/disabled from Menu Info 2/2 Orbiter ON/OFF during the flight.

When it is enabled, during thermalling LK will try to lead the pilot towards the tangent to the circle
around the thermal core. The thermal core is supposed to have 100m radius (50m radius for paragliders).
Thus the thermal can be "seen" as a circle on the screen with 200m diameter (100m for pgs).
The pilot should circle around or inside this circle, without crossing boundaries.
We are assuming, of course, that the thermal center has been guessed correctly by the LK's thermal estimator.
Normally after a few turns, LK will detect the T center pretty well.

Depending on the banking (turn rate) of the glider, the Orbiter will warn the pilot with some seconds in advance,
so that he will have enough time to react and correct a bit his tracking direction.


  • Pilot will listen to a short Hi tone *beep*, which means: "try to fly straight a bit".
    Or, a double short Hi Tone beep, which means: "try to fly straight a bit longer".
  • Pilot should level the glider for a couple of seconds, or more if double beep, and then keep turning as before (same turning direction).

For best results, the pilot should turn around the thermal within those 200m diameter, which accounts for a 45 banking angle, and a turn rate of 20 seconds.

The Orbiter will detect your direction, the position of the thermal, and it will try to suggest you when it is time to level and go straight a bit. Because, this is important, you will not be led to the thermal center! You will be placed on an "orbital" trajectory around the thermal core.


When activated, the Orbiter will wait for 2 MINUTES since you start circling before using the estimated thermal center. This is due to the fact that before that time the thermal center may not be accurate enough.

After 500m (1500ft) of climbing (altitude gain) the Orbiter will automatically stop giving you sound indications.

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