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LK8000 Multitargets

Multitargets are an innovative and powerful approach to solve the problem of quickly changing a destination on overlays.

Using multitargets is very easy, and need almost no instructions. However, since they are so powerful, we know you will love to know more about their capabilities. Multitargets are going to be the MOST used feature inside LK during your flights!  And again, to change multitarget you don't need to look at the screen: turbulence proof! Sounds will indicate when your target is the desired one!


With multitargets, you can change the "destination" on the overlays by using a simple click on the waypoint name in the upper left corner of the screen. This corner is a Custom Key, and by default it is configured as "multitarget" in system config menu 10.

Of course, it is only a simple customkey, and you can assign the multitarget switch to any other custom key, or even to more than one!

After clicking on multitarget switch, the overlay destination will change:

In this example, it has changed to Alternate 1 choice!

Multitarget's choice will not - WILL NOT - affect any other value in other pages, such as cruise pages, infoboxes etc. In other words, only the values printed on the map - the overlays - are related to this choice.
All other values in bottom bar, in infoboxes, in text pages, are related to the task waypoint. So for you nothing really changes, it is just as simple as that.

The bearing line on the moving map is always related to the multitarget choice.
Any task sector, start line etc. will be painted normally just like for airspaces etc.
>>>> Obstacles (red crosses) are shown only when the T> (task) is selected.  <<<<

Of course obstacles are calculated for multitargets, only the moving map red cross won't appear in this version.

But if a multitarget is unreachable for an obstacle, its arrival altitude even if positive will be painted red, as usual.

Since overlays are telling you distance, bearing, requested efficiency, arrival altitude, they are a perfect
companion for quick outlooks to landables fields, alternates, mountain passes etc.


Three choices for changing a multitargets!

There are two possible "multitarget" customkeys:

1- multitarget rotate

Multitarget rotate will advance to next destination with one touch.

The sequence is:
Task -> BestAlternate -> Alternate1 -> Alternate2 -> Home -> Last thermal -> Team mate -> Flarm (if available)

A sound tone will indicate your position in the sequence, as usual in LK8000.
Rotating targets has the advantage to be able to see at once the target destination while advancing in the sequence.
But since there are many destinations available, and you can only advance in the sequence, it will take some clicks
to go back to Task for example. For this reason, another option is available in place, or in addition, to the "rotate" function of multitarget.

2- Multitarget Menu

Selecting the "menu" mode, classic menu buttons will appear and you will be able to select your destination with
only a second click. There is no "cancel", since a selection has to be done.

Of course, you may use both customkeys, for example assigning rotate to UpperLeft and menu to UpperRight, or anything else in custom key configuration.

Multitarget indicators

A prefix is indicating your current multitarget view:

T>    TASK

Task is the default: it is the usual destination selected by a Goto or - if you are running a real task -
it is indicating the current turnpoint.
In Task mode obstacles will appear as red crosses on the map. All bottom bar values, and the textual pages
are related to this destination.


BestAlternate is automatically chosen by LK8000, so it changes automatically selecting the best landing
option for you.
Using "bestalternate" on the overlay, and Equivalent MC set in AutoMC, will result in an extremely
powerful cross country free flight tool, because the LK8000 will automatically adjust the MC to your
speed (see next chapter) and at the same time it will automatically select the best landing option.


Alternate1 and Alternate2 are configurable by selecting a waypoint and then clicking on "Set Alt1" etc.
You can assign to the alternates any waypoint, not only landing places.

H>    HOME

Your home waypoint, if you have set one.


Last thermal you have climbed in.


If you have set a Team Reference waypoint (normally home waypoint is automatically used), then your current
Team position code is shown. Please notice: YOUR current team position code. This will let you report YOUR
position to other people instantly, simply looking at this code and reporting it using the radio.

Then, if you also have set a Friend's mate code, all overlays and bearing line relative to his position are painted.
Since you are actually set a virtual destination, M> is shown.
Remember that since a Team Mate position reporting does NOT include altitude, it is assumed that your
friend's altitude is the same as yours at the time you asked its position. So all gliding parameters such as
requested efficiency and arrival altitude have little meaning.
If you have not set any Friend's mate code, then M: is shown, but no bearing line, no distance, no req.eff etc.
Nevertheless, as stated above, YOUR code is shown for position reporting purposes.

If you are going to use the Team code system, it is a good idea to assign the Team Code menu to a custom key.
You will be able not only to report your position, but also to insert your mate's positions quickly.
Otherwise, the NAV 2/3 menu has the Team Code button in any case.


This option is available only if a FLARM device is connected.
Setting a TARGET for a flarm identifier will automatically also set it's position as a virtual moving waypoint.
The name of the unit (example D-1234 is set from FlarmNet or manually) will be used like: F> D-1234
so you know who you are targetting.

Did you forget to configure multitarget? No problem.

As usual, LK has always an alternate approach to do the same thing. Multitargets are also selectable from the NAV 3/3 menu. You will get to the multitarget menu instantly.


Notice: remember that topleft and topright custom keys do NOT work in IBox mode. Only in LK8000 mode.
iBox mode (old xcsoar modality) is not recommended, and kept only for compatibility.

Before LK8000 I was using...