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Last thermal virtual waypoint

Each time you leave a thermal, its position is saved as a virtual Waypoint named "THERMAL".
The "THERMAL" waypoint saved altitude is the one you had when you entered the thermal.
This way, whenever you need to know if you can make it back to that thermal, you can find it in
the 2.3 TPS  pages.
A typical case is when you want to reach the turnpoint and get back to the previous thermal.
LK8000 will tell you if you can make it.

A thermal is "saved" as Last Thermal only if you could climb at least 100m (300ft) in it, while circling.
It is saved only after leaving the thermal: until then, you still have the old thermal's position available.

If you haven't circled in a thermal yet, for example because you are on ground, or just took off, then
the virtual waypoint is not available and won't be found in the list of TPS.

The LAST THERMAL waypoint is also selectable using multitargets!

Before LK8000 I was using...