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GA Aviation and Car mode

These are still experimental modalities, and can be activated by config menu 7 "Aircraft".


GA (General Aviation) will display a CDI gauge on the moving map, similar to that available on Garmin's flight navigators.  In SIM mode, the GA plane will not sink.

GA mode is still primitive, and only a proof of concept. Adding full GA capability to LK is now just a matter of time.

In principle, calculations for GA are 10 times easier than for gliding! We shall need to clean up a lot the configuration for GA because most features are useless and misleading.  But, no doubts that LK8000 will become soon a market reference for GA as well.

Car Mode
This is a good modality for using LK8000 while driving, for testing purposes.
There will be no landing and back takeoff at a traffic light, for example.
On the moving map, no wind and no glide ratio indicators are displayed.

Before LK8000 I was using...