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If an external device is providing barometric pressure altitude to the LK, and you have chosen to
"Use baro altitude" in config system setup menu 5 "Glide Computer", then all calculations will be based
upon this altitude.

There are some situations when you would like to switch to GPS altitude during the flight:
- you have a badly set QNH
- the QNH has changed a lot and you don't have any radio source available to tell you
- you think that the HBAR is wrong, and prefer to use GPS altitude
- the baro altitude source (external device) has failed, and no more altitude is sent to LK
resulting in no altitude changing, or changing periodically

In this case, a menu button "Nav by" in Config 1/3 page is available, to switch HBARHGPS quickly.
If baro altitude is not available, this button is disabled.

Another approach is to assign a customkey the Baro altitude toggle switch.
Finally, on the navboxes stripe SYS6, HBAR status is shown as ON or OFF is available.

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