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LK8000 is always automatically logging flight statistics for you, even if the track log is not enabled (also known as logger).

Each time that a landing status is detected, three files are created or updated automatically inside the _Logger folder:

  • LOGBOOK.LST , the list of all flights, viewable also from LK
  • LOGBOOK.TXT , the details of each flight, viewable also from LK
  • LOGBOOK.CSV , the details of each flight in spreadsheet-ready format, viewable from PC


You can access the logbook from Menu Info 2/2, near Notepad.


Select the LogBook, and you find



LogBook List  (LOGBOOK.LST)

The pilot has all the flights listed here, similar to other instruments logbooks.

Each page is showing several flights, in short format, from the first to the last in chronological order.

This is normally what pilots want as information for their printed logbook.


You get: date and time of logbook entry, aircraft register, pilot name.

Takeoff and landing times, both in local and UTC format,

with takeoff and landing locations, which are deducted from your waypoints.

LK is trying to guess if you took off or landed on an airfield which is existing in your loaded waypoints by examining your position which must be very closed to one of them.

In case of SIM mode, or after a REPLAY mode, a "SIMULATION" field is also added at the beginning.

The LOGBOOK.LST can be reset by user request in LK, using reset button in Logbook menu.



LogBook Details  (LOGBOOK.TXT)

This is a much more verbose and detailed list of flights. Each flight has its own page. As in the list, they are entered chronologically.

The last one is at the bottom (you can easily reach it by clicking on the  back ( < ) arrow while scrolling.

This file is reporting:

Pilot name, aircraft rego, aircraft type, takeoff and landing time (local and UTC) and location.

Duration of flight (from takeoff to landing).

Start of free flight (local time) and QNH altitude

Towing duration, and released altitude (QFE altitude)

OLC covered distances: classic and FAI triangle

Max height gained, max altitude reached, and odometer for the whole flight.

The LOGBOOK.TXT can be reset by user request in LK, using reset button in Logbook menu.





This file is in a special "comma-separated values" format (CVS) that can be read with no problems by all of the existing spreadsheets programs, on all platforms, since years.

If you edit it with a text editor it will look strange:

But if you load it in a spreadsheet, for example in Excel, it will be perfect for making summaries, data analysis, and you will be able to sort by any of its fields, calculate total times etc.


This file is permanent, and can only be removed, deleted, changed manually by the user externally from LK.

LK will not reset this file even if you reset the Flight Book.





From the Logbook menu, choose the reset button. You are asked for a confirmation:


If you confirm, the LogBook List and the LogBook Details files will be reset.





Start of Free Flight

The start of free flight detection is accomplished by using an euristhic approach examining various flight parameters during the takeoff phase.

It is also considering and detecting automatically a winch launch. However, of course it is impossible to be 100% sure of its accuracy.

For this reason it is possible to reset, if needed, the start of freeflight using a customkey or (in 3.0B) a menu button.

Motor gliders need to reset the freeflight detection, almost certainly, because there is no noise detection to understand if a motor is running.

  • A flight is added to the logbook when the landing status is detected.

  • It is also added on program exit, if the aircraft is still flying, but in this case the landing time and location will appear as "???".
  • On PNA/PPC versions, Logbook is kept only in FLY mode. It will not be created or updated in SIM mode.
  • On PC version Logbook is made also in SIM mode.
  • A Takeoff must be detected, in any case, in order to "start" a flight that can be "closed" with a landing.
  • Remember that the LANDING event is detected automatically about 45 seconds after real landing.

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