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The task declaration works fine with IGC FLARM, I've tested it 3 times.
But nzizkovsky means to write the flarmcfg.txt file to the root of the SD Card in the Task declaration format.
Here is a PC based SW which does this:

Some hints on FLARM and Task declaration:
First off all,
Never leave a SD card in Flarm!
When you loose power during flight and power comes back, FLARM will write the flights instead of continue flight logging.

In order to declare a task, FLARM must be turned off/on. (LK8000 will do that automatically.)
If a card with a Task declaration is inserted FLARM will look for a task declaration on card, of course!
This will overwrite you previous declaration, of course!

After restarting LK8000 you may need to reload the Task File! Otherwise there is no Task that could be declared.

(By Ulli "AlphaLima")

Before LK8000 I was using...