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Starting from July 2010, LK8000 has its own maps for terrain and topology.
Old xcsoar maps are still valid and can be used, without need to change anything.
These maps, however, will not work on XCSoar without some reworking and renaming.
YOU NEED AN UPDATED VERSION OF LK8000, minimum 1.22, to use LKMAPS!

New maps are supposed to be much better because:
  • Terrain data is derived from a December 2009 SRTM distribution.
    SRTM is the Shuttle Radar Topology Mission by NASA, and it is provided for free.

Currently, there is a limit I am working on: terrain is available only below
latitudes of 60N and above 57S . This means that currently Finland, North Norway,
north Sweden are not available for terrain elevation, for example.
This problem will be solved very soon, by next version.

  • Topology data is integrated with new data for cities and roads. You can configure what to see at which zoom level, using a new topology control inside configuration menu.

Currently, Europe has an enhanced topology that really makes a big difference.
Rest of the world has only some more cities and town visible.
This issue will soon be addressed too.

LKMAPS do not suffer of the infamous problem of "water instead of land" on some areas.
For example, the Netherlands appear blue on XCSoar. Using LKMAPS they are correctly
painted. Most areas in the UK, Italy, etc. previously appearing as "sea" are now Ok.

LKMAPS terrain files have .DEM suffix
LKMAPS topology files have .LKM suffix

After downloading DEM and LKM files, place them inside LK8000/_Maps folder and
select them from LK8000 Configuration setup menu.

NOTE: YOU MAY CHOOSE A DETAILED TERRAIN FILE (DEM) for a local zone, and use a larger are
topology file.
For example, you may use the whole Colombia topology .LKM file, and smaller zones for terrain.

Before LK8000 I was using...