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Powerpoint presentation of LK8000 1.22

This one is brand new, it was written by Mateusz Pusz in late september 2010. Menu pictures are taken from 1.20, but most menus are new. User interface is "made easy" with a clean explanation. It is in polish, and in ENGLISH .

Mateusz is also partecipating the development of LK, so he knows a lot about it!

93 slides, full of screenshots. Very nice and professional! Have a look at it!


Original polish version by Mateusz Pusz

Language: POLISH Size: 3.5M

English version by Mateusz Pusz

Language: ENGLISH Size: 3.5M

Serbian translation  by Aleksandar Cirkovic

Language: SERBIAN Size: 3.5M

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 December 2010 03:44
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